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Need help with flash!!!!!!

2008-02-26 00:06:43 by Jeremie

hey guys, i was trying for a long time to convert my .mov file into the flash file without coming across problems. Now i get crappy quality or sound that doesnt work, or the file is too big and it never really works right. i need someone who can help me with this problem, and i would give credit to whoever helps out of corse. the file im trying to put into flash was my thesis at the school of visual arts, and its going to be in the 2008 film "the narrows" with vincent donofrio. thats kinda why i wana upload it right, but i just cant get it goin! anybody good at this kind of problem?


Need help with flash!!!!!!


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2008-02-26 00:44:29

you can always upload it to youtube if all else fails